I recently delivered my third daughter.  I had an easy pregnancy, uncomplicated delivery and big healthy baby.  I also thought I would have no (major) issues breastfeeding.

After successfully breastfeeding my 2 oldest girls until 20 and 22 months receptively, with no formula usage I naively though that this would easily be accomplished by my 3rd daughter as well.   I mean I was an experienced breastfeeding mom, right?

Our breastfeeding relationship started off as the others, attempting to breastfeed within an hour of delivery.  I did get her on the breast, but could tell right away things weren’t perfect.

Within 3 days my nipples were cracked and bleeding.  By day 5 tears streamed down my face with even the thought of feeding her.   Her weight stagnated below birth weight and I was given the “you are going to need to supplement your baby” speech at the midwives office when she was 3 weeks old.

It seemed pretty off to me that I needed to supplement when I was able to pump 4oz immediately following a feed.  So, I started to feed her expressed breastmilk after a breastfeeding session.  Within 3 days her weight was up above her birth weight — but I wasn’t satisfied.  I needed to find out why she wasn’t transferring milk well and why I was stuck breastfeeding for an hour, feeding her EB

M and then pumping.  It was a long and tedious cycle.

After reading a few sites, I started to feel around her mouth and came across a posterior tie.  The midwife quickly confirmed my suspicion and off to Cambridge we went.  The pediatrician at the Cambridge Breastfeeding Clinic gave it a quick snip and a prescription domperidone.

Her recover

y from the posterior tongue tie release has been fairly uneventful.  Immediately the pain started to subside and within a week my nipples were healed.  Hallelujah!  Within a week we were able to drop supplementation.  Her weight gain has been phenomenal as well (nearly 4lbs in the month following the tie release).

As her weight rose, I thought it might be time to wean off the domperidone.  I did it slowly, but noticed that my supply tanked once I was below 20mg a day, so I sit on 40mg a day and likely will until I at least introduce solids.  It’s been a rough battle, but I’m sure it will all be worth it in the end.


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